Lackadaisical semaphores and a puddle of jam

Slowly advancing through the U.S. of A. system of education with a tenuous grasp on reality and a spurious sense of entitlement in staking a claim to existence in one microscopic corner of the universe.
Topics of interest that may or may not pop up include: >TV:
Doctor Who
Sherlock (BBC)
The Mighty Boosh
Other sci-fi and British comedy
>The animal kingdom - furry, scaly, feathered, crawly, squishy and otherwise -in disproportionate amounts, cats, arthropods (aka insects, spiders, and the like; you may wish to stay away if squeamish about such creatures), reptiles, amphibians, and sea creatures (squid, nudibranchs, jellyfish, sea anemones, et al)
>An indiscriminate range of music
>Art in its many varied forms, the beautiful and the grotesque
>Science, psychology, history, and General Intellectual Relish
>Top hats and moustaches
>Food & drink - vegetarian culinary delights, particularly tea and sweets
>Randomness, Oddities, and Other Miscellany